Filters upgrades: new design, better filtering on groups, companies, and locations
Orbit App
Following up on the recent enhancements on the Activity Type filter, we’ve completely redesigned and reimagined the filtering experience across Orbit with simplicity and expressiveness in mind.
A simpler design
Each filter is now in its own section, with the most used ones (dates, affiliation and Orbit Levels) available with a single click:
CleanShot 2021-10-28 at 16
More power, when you need it
While most queries can be expressed with a multiple selection, sometimes a finer-grained approach is required. The Member Tags selection now has two modes,
Simple selection
Advanced selection
, to cover all your needs:
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Multiple selection now available for Groups, Companies and Location
You can now filter on multiple Groups, Companies, or Locations (or any combination of the three!). Perfect to cover geographic regions, or a sector, or a set of specific repositories!
All available companies and locations are now available under this filter, not only the most represented in your community.
We’re looking forward to see all the exciting new use cases this new Filtering experience enables!