GitHub Discussions
We have now added support for Discussions to our GitHub integration.
With use of Github Discussions on the rise, we're excited to release this important addition to our existing GitHub integration that will allow users to track
new discussion topics and associated comments
alongside all of the previous GitHub activities such as pull requests, forks, stars and issue comments.
Discussions support is available by default for any new installations of our GitHub integration.
Existing users will be notified by GitHub that they need to accept new read-only permissions for Discussions
. Once accepted, we will immediately import any historical discussions related activities for the repositories you have connected to Orbit.
Watch out for an email like the one shown below, and make sure to accept the new permissions if you want to activate Discussions for your existing workspace:
The email that GitHub will send to existing users of our Github integration
You can read more about our new addition in the announcement blog post.