New authentication token format
For Developers
We're changing the format of the Orbit API token that you use to authenticate requests with the Orbit API. The new format provides the following benefits:
  • It makes the API token more secure and verifiable.
  • It allows Orbit to participate in the GitHub Secret Scanning program that'll inform you when your Orbit API token is accidentally committed in a GitHub repository.
If you're interested in learning about the math behind our new API token format, take a look at this awesome blog post by the GitHub engineering team.
Is your old token still working?
Yes, but...
Your old token will only continue working until November 30 2021
Tokens that haven't been regenerated by this date will cease to work. Therefore, we strongly recommend you upgrade to the new token format ahead of that date to increase the security of your data and to avoid any potential disruption on your workspace.
Please, go to your account settings page and click Regenerate to get an API token in the new, more secure format.
Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 17
Remember that you will need to update the API Token anywhere it was previously used.