Orbit Model upgrades and the new Presence column
We're very excited to announce a significant upgrade to the Orbit Model. It is designed to help you better understand your community and segment your members.
The Love metric has been improved to account for member activity across different channels and subchannels (aka groups). Members who are active in more places in the community will now have higher Love.
Orbit Levels
Orbit Levels are now based on the percentile of a member's Love within the community. Members with the top 10% of Love go into Orbit 1, and so on. See Understanding the Orbit Model for more information. In a future release, you will be able to tweak the percentages on a per-community basis.
The display of member avatars has been improved to communicate at a glance what Orbit Level the member is in.
Presence is a new component of the Orbit Model that measures a community member's activity over a selected date range, channel, or sub-channel (e.g a GitHub repository or Discourse category). It is shown as a bar that gives you more information when you hover over it:
The default range is 90 days, but you can customize it based on your reporting needs.
Activity Weights
Activity weights continue to influence the calculation of the Love metric and therefore the Orbit Level. The scale is being changed from 0.5-2 to 0-10 to allow for more nuance.