As an Orbit user I'd like to see suggestions of members who are close to converting from one thing to another so that I can make decisions on what action I need to take to help them convert
For example,
A community member – who is not paying for a service/product – with certain activity patterns may be more likely to convert to a paying customer. It'll be useful for those members to be highlighted in some way so a business can decide what they want to do with that information.
This could also be useful for spotting activities that lead to churn i.e. from paying member to non-paying member.
Also, conversion analysis could be used for spotting patterns of activity for activity pre-paying member and activity since they've become a paying member. Patterns of activity pre and post could help information decisions to take action.
For example, a member converts to paying yet all activity slows down. Might flag a problem with the value proposition of the paid for service/product.