Automatically send a Twitter DM via Workflows
Now you can use Orbit to automatically send Twitter DMs to members in your community. This is great for cases like:
  • Introducing yourself to people that mention your company's Twitter handle
  • Inviting people that interact with you on Twitter to join your Discord
Note that this feature should be used for building connections, not for sending spam. A good way to ensure that you're using this responsibly is to only use it for cases that you've already tested (and fine-tuned) manually.
Check out the following resources to learn how to leverage this tool:
Automatically send members to webhooks via Workflows
We've given you the ability to manually send members to a webhook, but what if now want to start sending members automatically?
Now you can by creating a
Send Webhook Workflow
Automatically sending webhooks via Workflows gives you the ability to define very specific criteria that must be matched in order for a member to be sent to your webhook. It's great for adding Discord roles to certain members, automatically sending swag to people when they reach community milestones, and more.
Check out this walkthrough to learn how to use it:
Add an activity to multiple members
You just ran an event with 100 attendees and want to record the activity on each person's profile in Orbit. But...how?
Now you can quickly and add an activity to multiple members at once. Just go to the Members Tab, select the members you want, and click
Add activity
. It's as simple as that!
Improved CSV export experience
We're kicking off the new year by making it easier for you to export a CSV. Now, when exporting a CSV from the members table, you can make the CSV look how you want by selecting what member information you'd like to export.
We've added a new tool to help you more easily take action on your community members -- Member Lists.
Lists allows you to hone in on a specific set of community members and keep track of the work your team has done on this group.
Lists are great for keeping track of all sorts of tasks to be done on different groups, like:
  • Tracking who in your community is new and needs a warm welcome
  • Finding out who has reached a community milestone and should be sent swag
  • Building event invite lists and keeping track of who you've invited
To learn more, check out our documentation. If you'd like to learn how to best leverage member lists, we have created a few playbooks for you to follow along:
Note: this feature is currently in Beta. Please let us know if you have any feedback to make this work better for you
Assign a primary email to a member
Oftentimes, member profiles will have multiple emails - personal ones, work ones, old work ones - and you don't want to accidentally email the wrong one! Now you can set a
primary email
on a member profile to make sure that doesn't happen!
Just to go their profile, look at
Linked Profiles & Emails
, change which email address has the
next to it.
Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 8
The primary email will used in the member table and CSV exports so you always see the right email for a community member.
Filter members by activity count
Yes you heard that right, you can now filter for members by number of times they have performed a specific activity in your community.
This means you can now find out things like:
  • Who in your community has merged at least 5 pull requests in the last month?
  • Who has attended at least 2 events in the past quarter?
  • Which of your champions has sent less than 5 Discord messages this month and needs a check in?
This filter makes it much easier for you to identify champions, celebrate member milestones, find folks that should be personally invited to an event, and even detect which members are gaining interest in your product.
Head on over to the Members tab to check it out.
Note: If you haven’t enabled the new Member’s tab, you’ll need to do that first to use these new filters.
Manually identify an organization as a customer
It's now possible to edit the
Customer Since
attribute on organization profiles if you're on our Growth, Premium or Enterprise plan.
Using the
button, you can change the status of an organization and identify them as a customer, as well as add the date that change took place and provide a link to their associated profile in your CRM tool.
Through doing this you are then able to use the
Organization Status
attribute in the filters for Workflows, on the member table and when drilling down on activities.
Additionally, the presence of the Customer Since date on the organization profile allows you to better understand what community activities any members associated with that organization performed or participated in leading up to that milestone.
For more information, check out the Orbit documentation.
Create an automated workflow
Today we're introducing a new way to set up automatic actions in your workspace.
, you can automatically add tags, create sales contacts/leads, and export CSVs
based on criteria of your choosing
With our expanded filter possibilities and new action types, you can now:
  • automatically tag target organizations in your workspace
  • automatically mark people who have made significant contributions to your community
  • automatically send interesting community qualified leads to your sales team
Go to the Workflows tab on your workspace to try it out and let us know what you think. The feature is still in beta, so we're all ears.
Reddit Keyword Filtering
Our Reddit integration now supports Keyword Filtering. This update allows you to specify keywords to watch for across all of your selected subreddits.
Existing users can head to their integration settings to set up their keyword filtering. Take a look at our Reddit integration documentation to understand how it works and what areas we check for the keywords.
For new users, you can set up your keyword filtering at the same time you select up to five Subreddits that you want to monitor.
We’ve also updated our Filters so you can use Activity Properties to query activities based on the keywords you have set up.
Here at Orbit, we
using the keyword filtering, especially for Subreddits that are not 100% dedicated to your community, brand or product.
* This is a great way to ensure you are only creating activities and members that are relevant to you.
Please note, the amount of subreddits you can subscribe to per Reddit integration has been lowered to 5. This is to prevent users from importing too many activities from generic subreddits that are not relevant to their community.
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