Keep track of key organizations in your community
Orbit App
We’re making organizations a first-class object in Orbit
, so you can spot prospects from interesting organizations who have become active in your community and can use that to build relationships with and support critical new accounts.
Organization table
Under the new Organizations section, you now get a list of all the organizations active in your community. You’ll see the organization name, website, member count, employee count, and the date the organization was first active in your community.
Organization profile page
You can also access rich information about each organization listed in the organization table - from its members to their activities and more. Clicking on one of the organizations in the organization table opens its profile page.
A brand new look for Member Profiles
Orbit App
We’ve redesigned the member profile page around three main panes:
  • Member’s attributes or information such as tags in the left pane
  • Member’s last activity summary in the top right pane
  • Activity feed and notes in the bottom-right pane
These combine to provide an at-a-glance overview of
important member information
and their recent community engagement:
CleanShot 2021-12-22 at 11
Stay in the loop with notifications
Orbit App
Have a hard time keeping track of what's happening in your community across your whole team?
We're excited to release our first set of in-app notifications:
  • When a member gets their first GitHub Pull Request merged
  • When a collaborator adds a note to a member
  • When a collaborator joins or leaves your Orbit workspace
  • When an integration or CSV import is completed
You can adjust your notification settings from your General Account Settings.
But this is just the start. We’re currently working on email notifications and making the experience more consistent with our Slack app notifications. In the meantime, let us know about the other notification types that would make you more productive!
Drag and drop member tags for easier and powerful filtering
Orbit App
Member tags help you track what makes your community members unique or important to your team. These are things like
, etc.
You can now use our new drag-and-drop capability to easily implement any combination of AND/OR/NOT filtering conditions on member tags.
For example, here's how you would use it to select all your community champions who are using your product but are not enterprise product users:
  1. Open the Filters widget
  2. Click on the Tags filter
  3. Click on the Advanced options
  4. Start dragging and dropping tags to match the intended combination
Quick merge for members
Orbit App
You can now merge members directly from the Members table by using the bulk actions menu:
Quick Merge Update
After you've selected two members, click on the Merge Members action. A modal will appear to let you configure and perform the merge.
Filter by Title
Orbit App
Following up on our recent large filters upgrades, we've continued to improve the filters and are happy to announce that you can now filter by job Title:
Job title
Filters upgrades: new design, better filtering on groups, companies, and locations
Orbit App
Following up on the recent enhancements on the Activity Type filter, we’ve completely redesigned and reimagined the filtering experience across Orbit with simplicity and expressiveness in mind.
A simpler design
Each filter is now in its own section, with the most used ones (dates, affiliation and Orbit Levels) available with a single click:
CleanShot 2021-10-28 at 16
More power, when you need it
While most queries can be expressed with a multiple selection, sometimes a finer-grained approach is required. The Member Tags selection now has two modes,
Simple selection
Advanced selection
, to cover all your needs:
CleanShot 2021-10-28 at 16
Multiple selection now available for Groups, Companies and Location
You can now filter on multiple Groups, Companies, or Locations (or any combination of the three!). Perfect to cover geographic regions, or a sector, or a set of specific repositories!
All available companies and locations are now available under this filter, not only the most represented in your community.
We’re looking forward to see all the exciting new use cases this new Filtering experience enables!
Find tools for managing your community on our new "Productivity Tools" page
Orbit App
Chrome Extension
Head to
Workspace Settings > Productivity Tools
to easily access our Slack Orbit app and Github Chrome Extension.
Productivity Tools Overview
Our Slack tool allows you to work directly with your Orbit workspace from your internal Slack channels via the
command. This gives you the ability to manually add members, search for members, as well as adding notes and tags without the need to log in to your workspace to do so.
Orbit Chrome Extension for GitHub
Adding the Orbit Extension to your Chrome browser gives you the ability to see your workspace member information directly in GitHub issues and pull requests. You can also use it to create new members and add notes from within GitHub.
Introducing a better activity type filter
Orbit App
We’ve rebuilt the way the Activity Type filter works from the ground up to make it easy for you to
select multiple Activity Types
for an even better filtering experience throughout Orbit.
CleanShot 2021-10-13 at 11
The new Activity Type filter is available on all pages, enabling powerful new use cases in Orbit:
  • Showing members that signed up to any recent event;
  • Tailoring the activity feed to the specific activities you’re interested in at the moment;
  • Building reports and dashboards comparing newsletter signups with product signups;
  • …and many others!
Discover all the available integrations in the new integrations page
Orbit App
We've redesigned the workspace integrations page to make it easy for you to
discover all the available integrations
and connect your workspace to the data source you'd like to import.
Head to
Workspace Settings > Integrations
. You'll see three sections, so three types of integrations:
Plug & Play Integrations
With Plug & Play Integrations, you can get your community up and running on Orbit in a matter of seconds:
Plug & Play Integrations
Ready-to-Connect Integrations
These integrations can either be deployed in a matter of minutes using Github Actions or run in a standalone app:
Ready-to-Connect Integrations
Create Your Own Integrations
Feel free to create your own integrations using no-code solutions such as Zapier, Integromat, and n8n, or using the Orbit API:
Custom Integrations
If you'd like to give us feedback on what integrations to build next, please let us know here!
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