LinkedIn integration
We're excited to share that our LinkedIn integration is now available.
Initially, it supports adding comments on posts made via a company profile as activities in Orbit. Feel free to tell us about other elements that you'd like to see in future via our Ideas Board.
You can add the LinkedIn integration from the Integrations page of your workspace's Settings.
For more information on the setup process, take a look at the Knowledge Base article.
Note: If you previously used the Ready-to-Connect version of LinkedIn, you should shut it down before connecting the new official integration to your workspace. All your previous activities will still exist and the new integration will pick up where the old one left off.
⏰ Saving you time by saving your last state
Orbit App
You know that feeling when you're deep in the weeds of data--toggling filters, changing sort orders, doing all the complex stuff --and then you go look at a different tab, come back, and
your work is all gone? Well now that won't happen in your workspace!
Orbit now saves the last state of each tab you visit in your workspace. Which means you can:
  • bounce between tabs without losing your work
  • quickly see that one particular view you care most about on the Activities tab
  • always see the Members table sorted by Love
We hope this small tweak add big benefits to your Orbit workflow.
Enforce 2FA for your workspace
Orbit App
To improve the security of your workspace, we have added the ability to force all your collaborators to enable 2FA on their accounts.
Go to your workspace
page, then click
Workspace Security
to activate it!
Please note that this is an admin-only tool.
Mandatory 2FA
GitHub Discussions
We have now added support for Discussions to our GitHub integration.
With use of Github Discussions on the rise, we're excited to release this important addition to our existing GitHub integration that will allow users to track
new discussion topics and associated comments
alongside all of the previous GitHub activities such as pull requests, forks, stars and issue comments.
Discussions support is available by default for any new installations of our GitHub integration.
Existing users will be notified by GitHub that they need to accept new read-only permissions for Discussions
. Once accepted, we will immediately import any historical discussions related activities for the repositories you have connected to Orbit.
Watch out for an email like the one shown below, and make sure to accept the new permissions if you want to activate Discussions for your existing workspace:
The email that GitHub will send to existing users of our Github integration
You can read more about our new addition in the announcement blog post.
Share Saved Views with Collaborators
Orbit App
Shared views can now be shared with your workspace!
CleanShot 2022-04-21 at 14
Saved views shared by your collaborators will be available in the saved views menu, under the new Shared section:
CleanShot 2022-04-21 at 14
You can then use them as your own, or even tweak them by creating a personal copy!
Orbit App
Demo Mode allows you to demo your Orbit workspace without revealing personal information about your community members.
Go to your User Account Settings and click 'Demo Mode' or click here to enable it.
For example, here's how your members page will look like:
⚠️ Demo Mode comes with some limitations: learn more
Happy demoing!
Sort organizations by first or last activity date
Orbit App
We added the ability to sort the organizations in the organization table by the first or last member activity date.
We also changed the default sorting to the last activity date, so you can see at a glance which organizations have recently been active in your community.
Sort Organizarion
Saved Activity Views
Activities feed got you feeling overwhelmed? With saved activity views, you can now "set and forget" your activity filters so that you can focus on the activities you care most about. Simply select a few filters, press ‘Save As New’, and kablam! You have yourself a new saved activities view.
We've also provided some default activity views to get you started :)
Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 3
Want to share your activity view? Just select your saved view from the dropdown and share the website URL to your teammates. They will be able to see this saved view and save it to their own Saved Views list.
Let us know what you think!
Workspace API Tokens
For Developers
We have added the ability to create API tokens that are associated with your workspace, rather than individual users!
Workspace API Tokens are now available in your Workspace
and can be used to make API requests immediately.
CleanShot 2022-03-31 at 15
Here are some of the reasons why we're excited about this:
  • They are centralized. All
    workspace owners
    can access them, create them, regenerate and revoke them.
  • You can create as many Workspace API Tokens as you like, with memorable names, so it's easier to separate the external services and applications that use our API.
  • Workspace API Tokens prevent disruption to services if a teammate leaves the workspace and their token was being used for something important.
  • Workspace API Tokens allow you to attribute API activity to a service or application, rather than a person, by giving the token a memorable name.
Don't worry,
we're not replacing your original API tokens
. They are still active and you can still use them, however we recommend that you move any Zapier, Ready-to-Connect integrations and external services that use the Orbit API over to a new Workspace API Token to give you and your team greater control.
Saved Member Views
It’s finally here! With saved member views, you can easily pull up the members you care about. Simply select a few filters, press ‘Save’, and voila! You have yourself a new saved view.
With this first version of saved views, you can:
  • Create a new saved view
  • Rename a view
  • Edit a view’s filters
  • Try out our default saved views.
Currently, the saved views you create only show up in your Saved Views list. However, if you’ve made a saved view that the whole team should all know about, you can share it! Just select your saved view from the dropdown and share the website URL to your teammates. They will be able to see this saved view and save it to their own Saved Views list.
Let us know what you think!
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