Bulk editing/deletion/tagging of members
Orbit App
It is now possible to edit multiple members at a time on the members’ table:
  • Change their Title, Company or Location;
  • Delete them from your workspace;
  • Add or remove tags
You can select members by picking them individually, selecting the whole current page, or all members with current filters.
This comes in with a new set of keyboard shortcuts:
  • ↑/k
    to navigate;
  • Enter
    to visit the profile of the currently selected member;
  • x
    to select or deselect the currently selected member;
  • E
    to edit the fields of the current selection;
  • C
    to delete the current selection;
  • T
    to add tags to the current selection;
  • R
    to remove tags from the current selection
_Note: there’s currently a limit on the number of members you can edit simultaneously (25). We’re working on improving that!_